This Man

I love this man, love him totally with all my heart. This layout is just SO him. The colors even are just him. I'm so glad that we decided to take the extra effort recently to just talk more. Who would have guess 10 years ago that this man would ask me to marry him 2 months after we met. And that we would be married a month after that. We did everything so quickly. Two months after we were married I was pregnant with Joey. Everyone EVERYONE said we'd never last longer than a year. But here we are, 10 years later, still totally in love. He can still make me laugh until I almost pee my pants. I still love to listen to him sing, just wish he did it more. I still get excited everyday waiting for him to come home from work. And dont even get me started on what a great father he is, gosh I could go on for days about that. He had a challenging childhood and I believe that is what made him such an AWESOME Daddy. My kids both just adore their Daddy. What man would be an at-home Dad for 4 years and very seldom complain about it, not only taking care of the kids but also doing laundry, house cleaning and cooking dinner for me. I am so totally lucky. Now that he is back to work it's been a bit of an adjustment but we are making it, just like we always do. I dont see him or talk to him as much as I did when he was home but now he totally makes up for it when he does get home from work. I wait on him every night for dinner, can't stand sitting at the table without him there. He's my baby, he's my true love.