Almost Friday

Well it's Thursday which is pretty close to Friday right? I can't WAIT for this week to be over with. It has been so HOT here this week, in the high 90's even reaching 101 one day. And forget even trying to sleep in this heat, just sweat all night long. Ugh!

I really need to organize my scrap area so I can get motivated and get some more pages done. I have some challenges to work on and need a clean area to do that. Maybe I'll work on that tonight. Unless, of course, it's blazing hot in my house. Then I will sit in front of the air.

I also can't WAIT to get my kits this month, this is the first time I've ever joined a kit club. I joined Poppy Ink and will get a kit from the DT. I'm WAY excited about that. I just love new "stuff".

I found the camera I want to buy myself for my birthday, a Canon S3 IS. It looks like a rockin camera. I just need to find a store around here that has it, if any do. I might have to buy online. I am so impatient, I really want that camera right now. If I had the money I'd go get it and take the rest of the day off work just to play with it, lol. I'm such a big kid.

Well off for now, almost time to go home. Later....