So today was the first day of school, can you just SEE the excitement in Jades face? She wasn't excited to GO to school, just to wear her new clothes (she's SO girl). This pic is just so cute and SO her.....a lot of cute with a little attitude. She just LOVED her pumpkin hat. Joey was excited but he told me once he wore all his new clothes then he would NOT be excited anymore.

I am so excited, I found a new artist that I just TOTALLY love.....Brian Andreas. I love EVERY single thing about his art from his paintings to his quotes. My favorite quote right now is "Do you ever listen to me? she said & I said I did, but sometimes it took a couple of days to sort it out in a way that didn't make me want to murder her in her sleep". I TOTALLY LOVE THAT QUOTE!!!!!! And I can totally relate (how 'bout you Bec?).

Well off to bed ya'all, love out to by best be-yotches!!!!!!