Happy Birthday TO ME!

I totally am in LOVE with my camera I got for my birthday. It's a Canon Powershot S2....LOVES IT!!!! My family is a little worn out with me playing with it, lol, but hey..I have to figure all the bells and whistles out right? I love the quality of pictures it takes, the color is amazing. I think I need to take everyone out in a nice nature setting and take some portraits to really see how it does. But I might have to wait until I get my tripod for that one.

I love the innocence of children. Yesterday we were driving to Clearfield and Jade said "Look, someone is putting all those rocks in the river

and making the river stop". Joe explained to her that we need rain and the water is low. She then said "Yes we do need rain, all the water is leaving the river". That sure is a scrapbook moment!

I am so excited for Fall, I can't hardly wait much longer to put out my decorations. I love burning candles, breathing the crisp autumn air, driving when the leaves are falling off the trees, canning season, craft shows, pumpkin patches and of course the Harmony Grange Fair.