This girl warms my soul, she was "my girl" before I ever had kids. She's lived across the road from me all her life. When she was little I would buy us matching clothes, so CUTE ::sigh:: she's growing up so fast, too fast. She's 15 now and will be driving soon. After that the years seem to fly by, before I know it she'll be leaving for college. I think I will cry just as much as her own mother will. And this girl has the city itch, how she got that being raised in this hick town is beyond me, but I could totally see her moving to NYC. Wont THAT break my heart.

We spent all day today at Delgrosso's Park, the kids had a BLAST. As long as they have fun then I'm happy. But let me tell you, Mama's belly can't take spinnie rides anymore. And it seemed like every single TIME we got on the Tilt-A-Whirl we got the effen car that just spun like crazy. I tried, honestly, but it seems puking on a ride isn't real high on my "fun things to do" list. Sissy took the kids on most of the rides I couldn't do. Oh but I did do the dragon ship thingie ride, let me think what name we gave him, Clarence I think. Joey was scared to death to go on that ride, lol. Today also must have been THE FREAKS ARE OUT day cause there were TONS there.

So my best bi-yatch (lots of love to ya girl) Tanya is going to meet Elsie this weekend. Ok so HOW jealous am I? I totally took a baby fit, stomping and all. I WANT TO GO TOO!!!! But there was no way I could go to Boston this weekend, damnit. HOLY crap I want to go..........but I'll just have to go next time. So did ya'all see that Elsie is getting her own product line!!!!!! HOW FREAKIN COOL! I just can't wait, I'm sure I will love EVERY SINGLE THING!

Welp, later girls

~hick-stah {kisses}