Love me some Calgon

Ooooooh life, sometimes life just sucks...plain and simple. Last night we had quite a rough time. I came home from work to find my kids and my parents all upset. My parents watch my kids during the day. The kids ran out to my car to tell me all about it but everyone was talking at the same time, crying, yelling and I couldn't understand a word at first. What happened was my Dad was working on the truck and had the other truck parked above it, kinda like a T. He was working in between them and the one above drifted down and crushed him between them. My kids were both out with him at the time. Joey got all worked up and jumped in the other truck, started it and pulled it away from Pappy (bless his heart for knowing what to do at 9 years old!). But the truck he pulled out had Jade on the tailgate. She fell off and hit her head. And the other truck kept drifting back, I dont know how she didnt get ran over. After Joey moved the truck Dad passed out from not being able to breath. He went to the ER and nothing is broken, just severly bruised everywhere. And my kids are shook up because they thought Pap was going to die. Long night at my house. Praise the Lord everyone is ok.

Men - Mmmmmmmm :(
Bec and I went to lunch yesterday BEFORE the above hoopla and had quite an ass ache. First of all let me say Bec and I both have PMS at the same time this month. And it would be fair to say we are a little less than nice. Sooooooo we make our way through traffic, through construction trying SO hard to get to chinese (we NEED our fix). We turn at a light and there is a little old man trying to get out of his car to wave traffic around him. Obviously his car wouldn't start, bless his heart. Do you think any men would stop to help him??? Nooooooo, so Bec and I stopped. We ask him if he wanted us to push him off the road and into a parking lot and he said he'd sure appreciate it. So there we are, her in cowboy boots and me in flip flops pushing this mans car. Now at THAT point do you think a man would stop to help us? Heck no, they just kept driving past. But we pushed him, laughing, me telling her to stop or I was about to pee my pants.....we got him into the parking lot. And then I look up and see a truckful of men laughing at us? Oh heck no, NOT TODAY!!! If you cannot get your lazy butt out of your truck to help you certainly have NO right to laugh at us. These two country girls got the job done, just like Daddy taught us. So all you men, we are heating the hot plate right now.