These things make me happy

Let me first say I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA! ::sigh:: All of these things make me so happy. My absolute favorite summer thing is hanging clothes out on the line. I love the whole process from hanging them out to folding them and putting them away. What is better than crawling into a bed that had it sheets dried on the line, they smell SO GOOD. It just seems to make you sleep better and more sound.

I would absolutely never EVER wear shoes if I didn't have to. I totally love that in the summer I can go barefoot as much as possible and when I do have to wear shoes I can just slip on flipflops. I love that I can slip out of them real quick to chase kids through the yard. And finally after all these years, Jade has finally developed a love for flipflops as well. She wants them in all the colors of the rainbow to match her outfits. Seeing those cute little piggies in flipflops, nails painted "herself" of course, that makes me happy.

Oh sunflowers, dont sunflowers make everyone happy? You just look at them and smile. These sunflowers are special, they wern't planted by us. The were planted by the birds, I guess, from all the seeds falling out of the bird feeder. But gosh, they sure are beautiful and tall. It was certainly a plesant surprise to look out there one day and see these growing. The birds did such an awesome job except they also planted corn in with the sunflowers, lol.

Jade decided last night that it was time to l earn to ride a bike without training wheels. I never thought this day was going to come. Before this she was just SO not interested. Of course I had to grab the camera and take it out with me (always thinking of layout ideas). I got some great shots, can't wait to scrap them! Anyways, Jade did really good. Yes she crashed some but she got right back up and tried again. I was so proud of her. She says we are "practicing" again tonight. Pretty soon she'll be zipping through the yard like Joey.