Who IS this freak?

I have never felt so insulted or so angered as when I read a recent article on this man. His show "Shalom in the Home" recently went to a PA couples house. He was to try to help them rekindle thier marriage. Read the article here:


First of all it was OBVIOUSLY written (and stated) by a man. A poorly educated man at that. What would ever EVER make someone think that breastfeeding your babies can be compared to an affair? Or that by breastfeeding you baby you are commiting the "cardinal sin" of marriage by neglecting your husband and putting someone else before him. You mean we are to put others BEFORE our children? In my life my children are my world and are THE most important thing to me.

As a former breastfeeder I am totally offended and appaled by this man and his way of thinking. It is people like him that breed prejudice against breastfeeders. I've been laughed at, told off, scorned and scoffed at, looked down upon and been made a spectacle of. And it is exactly THIS TYPE of thinking, the absurd small-minded thinking this man displays that creates prejudice.