Fall is in the air!

I totally love Fall, my absolute favorite season! You can smell it in the air, you can feel it. I love crisp Autumn air. I love driving through leaves as they fall, I love burning apple and pumpkin candles! Fall just makes me happy and makes me smile.

Another reason to love Fall.................Harmony Grange Fair I totally LOVE that fair and wait all year for it. My favorite part - the Friday night truck pulls of course! I have not missed the truck pulls (except when they were rained out) for about 15 years. Every year, faithfully, I am there at 6 when the gates open. I get my GOOD SEAT (which is completely necessary to view the truck pulls) and then we go grab something to eat. And the food at the fair, gosh, it is amazingly good. The air is crisp, the food is good, the trucks are loud....what could be better?!?! Love me a full size Dodge diesel with stacks ::sigh:: LOVE LOVE that truck!!! Gotta have some redneck in ya to love these pulls.

My last reason for loving Fall is Harvestfest at DelGrosso Park. Harvestfest is basically one HUGE craft show! Hundreds of vendors, lots of good eats and entry into the park is only $4. Joe takes the kids and rides all day and I get to walk around and shop with Mom and Mom-in-law! I love crafts, especially fall ones. Love to decorate my house for Fall!!!! I usually buy some Christmas presents while I am there too. Although I normally forget where I put those presents by the time Christmas rolls around.

I also love taking outside pics of my kids in the Fall. I'm double excided for that this year since I have my new camera!!!!!!!!! There is just something about the lighting in Fall that I just love in pictures. It usually makes my kids (roll eyes).

Out for now be-yatches