There is lots of sadness in my house today. My kids hampsters (Sweetie Bo and Fluffy) died today or at some point in the last day. It was a bad time for everyone. It just breaks my heart to see their hearts break. We had to have a service for the hampsters and bury them. We then had to pick flowers for on top of the grave. And about every half hour Jade has told me that she is really sad and misses Sweetie Bo. This is only our second experience with death. The first one came last winter when our kitty, Sweet Pea, got hit by a car. That one was rough, very rough. Jade cried for months, and I do mean MONTHS! Lets hope that the hampster deal does not last as long as the previous one.

Tonight I have new supplies & new pictures..nothing inspires me more!!!! So Mama is going to have a big scrappin night once the kids are in bed! WOO HOO!

out for now ~ kisses ya'all