Weekend Happenings

This has been a crappy weekend. Nothing exciting at all really, at least not yet. I'm still holding out hope for my Lia Sophia party today at Jack & Jills. LOVE that store!!!!

First of all, I've been sick all weekend. I have a sinus infection, ear infection and now pretty sure bronchitis. I went to the Dr Friday and got an antibiotic. So far it's not working, probably a placebo. Maybe on the back of the bottle it says JUST KIDDING! I think the worst part is the bronchitis. Nothing gets on my nerves more than going into a big coughing fit every time I laugh. Mmmmm

While searching for a pic about being "sick" to post on here I came across this one. Sick? Yes Interesting? Heck yes. I have never heard of this movie.....sick-o-pathic. Looks like a low budget,

strange movie. The kind you start watching...think "boy this SUCKS" but yet you never shut it off. And when it's over you say "Yep, that sucked".

Why is it when I'm sick that I can't sleep? Most normal people are the opposite and just want to sleep it off. Not me, nope, not tired at all. Up at 3 am last night scrapping. That's ok though, I had some mad mojo going on and got some great pages done. Plus I lined up two more pages to do today. I guess I was inspired by some awesome Brian Andreas quotes. And I am so SO stoked that my Sept. Poppy Ink kit should be here Monday or Tuesday. What is more inspiring than new "stuff". I LOVE STUFF! Fall + fall inspired new stuff + fall pics + new kit = HAPPY ME!

Well I have to go get ready to go to MY FAVORITE LSS!!!!!! What is better than sitting in Jack N Jills surrounded by yummy supplies while looking at rockin' jewelry and eating food??? If anything THAT should make me feel a little bit better.

~ later be-yatches