9 more days :)

Only 9 more days till Christmas, whoo hooo!!!! I finished all the shopping last night (except for a few people who are super hard to buy for like Grandma). Now I have to wrap, ugh, not one of my favorite things to do. But I "might" be able to talk Mom into helping me.

We saw the craziest thing last night on the way home from Altoona. A car was behind us and a truck in front of us. I bet we were all doing close to 65. The car FLEW past us and right up on the ass of the truck in front of us. The car kept trying to pass it, on the left and the right. The truck kept swerving back and forth, not letting them pass. Then all of a sudden the truck slammed its brakes on. The car almost hit the truck and we had to swerve off the side of the road to avoid hitting them. The car hurried and passed the truck on the left BUT when the truck saw the car going around it he spun out and TRIED TO HIT THE CAR!!! Ok I've had road rage before, especially when I have PMS, but I've never tried to hit a car. It was crazy, the kids were scared to death and I was SO glad we wern't in front of them. They took off like crazy chasing each other. We never did catch up to them.

Welp, off to finish our cleaning. MOM told me I have to dust today, ha ha.