Is it time yet?

That's what I've heard for two it time yet? Is it time for Papa to get here, how much longer, minutes or hours, what time are we going to Aunt Graces, what time are we coming home, what time can we get up Christmas morning......AAAAHHHH. The kids are SO excited for Christmas. The days before Christmas are always filled with excitement and naughtiness. Hopefully we'll breeze through tomorrow with few fights and not much yamming or questions.

I think tomorrow is a good day to entertain everyone with MY two fav Christmas movies.......How the Grinch stole Christmas and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Sadly, I am the only person that finds humor in Christmas Vacation. I still dont understand that, how can you NOT laugh at a dog horking under a table? Or an elderly Aunt putting cat food in her jello mold? I make them suffer through it anyways just for me :)

Out for now, I need to head to bed.