Boy I've been a bad blogger this week, of all weeks. And I was even home all week. We had a GREAT time with Papa Alan here this week. Of course, the kids LOVED it. He played with them all week and spoiled them rotten. I guess thats what Papas are for though. Yesterday he got to experience a "Amy shopping day" which wore him OUT! He said he's never shopped that much in his life, ha ha, and he was so tired by the time we got home. We only shopped for 9 hours, geesh, my Mom could WAY out-shop that. Papa went home today and the kids miss him already. I bet he went home and rested, trying to get caught up from shopping.
The kids had a great Christmas and just LOVED everything they got. Jade said it was the best Christmas ever. She also told Joey "SEE, I told you there was a Santa!". So obviously there was a discussion at some point in time that I wasn't aware of. Joey got his x-games bike he wanted and he got a MP3 player (which I can NOT get to work on my stupid computer). Jade got tons of clothes and a new tv/dvd player for her bedroom. Yesterday when we went shopping they got to spend their Christmas money. Jade wanted to get all toys but she was only allowed to get one. Joey wanted clothes and he got a pair of sneakers (always wanting to "style"). I've never seen a 9 year old boy more obsessed with style.
My vacation is almost over and I feel like I haven't even had one. I sooooo do not feel like going back to work Tuesday. But a couple weeks then another 3 day weekend. It's been so nice being home with the kids. The next two days I just want to spend with them and play all day.
Welp, out for now, I'm going to finish watching a movie with Jade then off to bed.
~kisses, Amy~