Anyone else super excited it's FRIDAY? I know I sure am. I'm sure Joe is now too (I will explain this later). Friday means a late night of scrapping, shopping, sleeping in a bit (or until Joey has me up at 7am), cooking a big meal, spending time with the family, relaxing around the house and finishing up my wrapping. And what could make a Friday better? PAYDAY!

Amongst all the excitment of this Friday I received a phone call from Joe....

Joe ~ Hi hun

Me ~ Hi, how are ya

Joe ~ Not too good, I have a statie behind me right now

Me ~ ::SIGH:: Oh Joe, what for now

Joe ~ 50 in a 35

Me ~ (eye roll) oh that's GREAT Joe

Joe ~ but he isn't going to write me up for speeding, just not obeying road signs

Me ~ wonderful..

After I got over the PURE JOY of that phone call, I received another one from Joe.

Joe ~ Hi I can't talk long

Me ~ why

Joe ~ My truck slid off the tipper at the landfill

Me ~ ::SIGH:: Now what Joe?

Joe ~ I have to wait for them to bring an excavator and lift it off

Me ~ You need to just GO HOME and stay there today

So anyone else mega super excited it's Friday?