All Smiles

wow, what a great week this has turned out to be. it is just one happy thing after another.

todays happy spot - i went to the post office to mail my layout to mm and guess who was the postmaster? my best friend from elementary and high school. i have so totally missed him. we were equally happy to see each other, which rocked. we exchanged email addys and phone no's and totally expect to go to dinner soon. he has always just gotten me, ya know, so totally stoked!

i can't wait for this months pi kit to get here. i totally want to create with it and i dont even have it yet. it is always filled with such yummy stuff. and this month i got an add-on so double excited.

i've been really crushing on these kits lately and can't wait to get the chance to get one. how totally yummy do they look? love me some zingboom.

so joey is back with the first girlfriend now, the one that calls 7 times a night. although she doesn't now, i put an end to that. once or twice a night is sufficient i think for now. gosh, at 9 years old i'm pretty sure i was still playing with barbies, not calling boys. and if i had called a boy my mom would have kicked my butt!

out for now