fRiDaY fRiDaY jOy jOy

it's friday...
can't wait for the weekend!

my pi kit is waiting at home for me
can't wait to create with it
make some love pages
make some valentines
break out the typewritter again
love me some pi

this week was a genuine great week
that doesn't happen very often
i've been in a good mood all week
work has went well all week
wow, love it when that happens

it's finally snowing here, yeah
i was starting to think we wern't
going to have a winter. which would
have been ok by me but the kids kinda
enjoy snow and sled riding. i could really
live without sled riding seeing as how i
pee my pants laughing every single time we go.
which is bringing a story to mind......
last winter all the teens in town came to our hill
(we have the "big" hill in town) to sled ride. my
cousins (also neighbors) called to see if joey and
jade could go sled riding too. well we all went up
on the hill. it is all teenagers, my kids and i. then
my cousin kelly (neighbors dad) brought his 4-wheeler up.
the kids decided they wanted my innertubes to go
down the hill with. i got on the 4-wheeler with kelly
and we went to my house and got one, then took it to
his house to blow it up. once it was blown up i had a
hard time holding onto it and onto him on the 4-wheeler.
so we decided that we would both go up through the hole
in the center of the tube and sort of wear it around
our waist. there was no way i could move at this point.
we drove back up to the top of the hill, wearing the tube.
now we can't figure out how to both get off the 4-wheeler
at the same time. uh oh, i'm starting to laugh (knowing
what comes after that). ok ok ok getting myself under
control. all of a sudden kelly starts squealing and hopping
around, which yanks me with him since we are still both
inside the dumb tube. he has a charley horse in his leg,
oh my gosh, at that point i just died. i was laughing to
the point of snorting. and yes.....i pee'd on his 4-wheeler.
i was laughing, he was laughing....then we realized we
had 6 teenagers standing around us...looking at us like
freaks...not seeing any humor in what had happened.
that, my friends, is why i should not go sled riding.

out for now