Have u seen my mojo?

New products.
Tons of new products.
What is with that?
I just sat and stared at the products
all night.
Totally frustrating!

My baby boy
My little Joey
I realize he is 9 but
I didn't think the girls
would be calling the house
This girl called 8 times last
Friday night.
Ok all you other Moms out there
some advice PLEASE!
Turns out I'm just not
ready to give up my baby boy
And no, I dont care HOW cute
this girl is!

Lovin' the January
Poppy Ink KIT!!!
And Heather put the
add-ons up at 9am her time
which is 11 am our time
which means......
I was able to get one!
I've only been waiting for
6 months.

Out for now