Manic Monday (errr...Tuesday)

it might be tuesday but it sure does feel like a monday. how much does it totally SUCK trying to get back into the "work" thing after a nice long weekend? ugh. at least it's a short week this week.

one good tuesday note, a layout i did of joey was picked up by memory makers for their may issue. totally stoked. totally shocked. totally excited.

oh yesterday, what a glorious day off. although at one point i thought the house sounded awfully quiet and it made me sad, then that moment passed and i enjoyed the rest of my day. i got all my dt work done for lpa. did laundry. watched jerry springer (i told you i was going to). watched a baby story. talked on the phone to mom, joe and jen. i just did whatever my little heart desired and it was bliss.

one other thing i did yesterday, i broke out the old typewritter. totally love it on layouts. really inspires me.

out for now