That is the only word I can think of to describe how our photo shoot went. I am just TOTALLY in love with all the pics I got of Joe. Dang, I love when I see a pic of him and it makes my heart skip a beat. Whoda' thunk it after 11 years together, he can still give me butterflies! Here is one of my fav pics from the shoot {and just so you know, I stood in 3 inches of mud to get this rad pic}. Hot, huh girls! We went to a barn out in the woods and took these pics. I can't wait to do layouts with these pics. I went and printed them off last night, lol, I couldn't WAIT!
I'm so sad to report (yeah right) that baby Joey does NOT have that girlfriend anymore. Thank GOSH! So peaceful this weekend without a 9 year old girl calling every 10 min. He broke up with her on Friday AFTER he had another girl lined up for the position of "girlfriend". He told me he's "got his groove on". Where does he get this from? Must be his Papa Alan.
Tomorrow, oh glorious Monday, the day where the kids have school and Joe has work and I'M OFF! Oh heck yes, a fun filled day of scrapbooking. I'm planning on finishing my work for LPA, watching WHATEVER I want on TV and maybe even having a nappy. Pepper and I can have all the love time we want without Joe saying "you and that dog are SUCH freaks". So super excited for tomorrow.
I just can't hardly WAIT for my new PI kit to get here this week. LOVE me some PI. It is just filled with yummy goodies to do some love lo's with, perfect for the pics of Joe. I should have my kit by Thursday, YES!
Off to finish my cleaning (so I can be SURE I have nothing pressing to do tomorrow).