Uber Happiness

Not only Friday but
also payday! And it's
a Friday/payday of a 3
day weekend!
Can I get a whoop whoop?

My blog has been pictureless this
week so lets jazzie it up some today.
Here is a layout I did of Mr. Joe
two nights ago. For some reason I've
really been feeling the love lately.
Must be the upcoming LOVE LOVE day Feb. 14th.
I must be extra tuned in to it this year.
I am *trying* to talk Joe into a photo
shoot this weekend. Some new, fresh lovey
pictures would just inspire me SO much!
But, those of you who know Joe know JUST
how much he doesn't like his picture taken.
Every picture I've taken of him in the last 11 years
has looked the same, no smile. The ONLY person who
could ever get him to smile was Jen, she's so ROCKIN!
She took the pic of him on this layout.

Shout out to the Designer Diaries Divas. You HAVE to check out their product review posted today. They just so
rock! Follow my link at the right ---------->

More happiness.
An email from Paper Trends
requesting a card I made for their
June/July 2007 issue! Flippin' Sweet!

Can't wait to get myself some of these super yummy prints

Out for now