brrrrrr...i'm freezing

wowza is it cold here. i believe it's 5 outside, maybe a heatwave of 9. it was -7 this morning when i left the house. the wind chill is about -30 today. over the weekend our heat went out, of all weekends for this to happen, and it was about 45 - 50 in our house. i've never had to wear gloves in the house before. so glad that is fixed.

so this weekend i decided to do some of the challenges on the pubcalls blog. i had a great time doing this layout. as soon as i read the challenge i knew what i wanted to do. and to my shock i actually won the contest! here is the layout i entered. i so ::heart:: pubcalls.

this friday is the day i start my classes at the local womens shelter. i am so totally stoked for this! i will be doing a once a month class. i am so happy to be doing this, i've been so blessed that i would so like to give back. i've gotten donations of items from some very generous women. and besides lacking albums and adhesive, we are totally set. thanks to everyone who had such a big heart and donated!

i'm also totally excited that this saturday night my honey and i will be going out for the first time in months. i have this super great girl going to babysit for me and the kids are so excited. wow, what will we do with a whole evening to ourselves? probably the same old same old, dinner and a movie. but dang, when your old and married even that seems exciting.

here is a miss jade layout, as you can see, she was letting her attitude show. she is some girl i'll tell ya. love her totally

out for now