i love art

i really do.....i love everything about it! i love all the forms of art. i watched reruns of project runway last night and was totally inspired by it! and i have to say i could not STAND wendy! anyways..back on track here...there are a ton of scrappers that just seriously inspire me too. here are some of my fav's (of course this is not my whole list, that post would take forever to type, and there is such mad talent in this scrapper world we all love)

#1 amber skolnick <------girl with wicked mad skilz

#2 kristina contes <------soooo original

#3 elsie (of course) <------i so very ::heart:: this girl

#4 gabby <-------i admire her, really

#5 nisa <-------best handwriting evah

#6 lizzy <-------yummy style, crazy talent

and then there is me, trying to find my nitch in this big bad scrappin world. i swear, looking at any of their layouts can inspire me.

so the other night i made this big long post, whining about having strep and just feeling plain mean. blogger ate it - guess that was a way of telling me to shut the hell up and quit whining. let me try to remember what all i was bitching about.......oh yes

~joey's ex-girlfriend (how can we have these in 4th grade i ask you?) wrote him a note that said "do you think we made a good couple?". WHAT! they are 9 for the love of all, how could they even be a couple.....i just told him to stay away from her.

~mad about having strep during my first date night in 2 years

~wicked mad about how long it took me to change my blog. if i ever decide to do that again please, yank me by my hair and pound my head off the wall.

~snow, how much freakin' snow do we need? oh yes, 12+ inches, really cold, negative windchill.....gotta love it.

and i scrapped last night, did another lo for the pubcalls birthday challenge. here it is