I am so totally happy that it's almost Friday! That means it's almost date night. We haven't had a date night for months and months. I'm so excited for it, I feel like I'm 15. Maybe we'll have some dinner, go to a movie and have some us time.

Here is a lo I did last night for the pubcalls b-day bash and the jack of the FAB Miss Elsie this week!

Silly girl.....I didn't know it was a secret ::wink::

Tonight I am making 40 Valentine gift bags for the kids. This is really stressing me as tomorrow is the party, ugh! I need to just get it done. I might even take some time off work today to go home and do it.

I have received such an awesome amount of donations from scrappers for the class at the shelter. Thank you SO MUCH girls, scrappers really have the biggest hearts!

Out for now