's Monday

So it's been quite an eventful weekend. Our date night didn't go as planned. Late Saturday afternoon I started getting a sore throat and fever, actually about an hour before we were to leave. So I really didn't even feel like going but I went anyways. We got to Outback, where I had made reservations four days before, and they told us the wait was an hour. Ok that is CRAZY! No way am I waiting an hour to eat. I'd rather eat pizza at the food court in the mall on a date than wait an hour. So we went to Eat & Park. All I had was soup but mmmm was it good! We were gone less than 3 hours. I just wanted to come home and sleep. I was still sick , actually worse, on Sunday. I went to the dr today and I have strep, double ear infection and swollen glands. But hey, I will take this over the puking flu anyday.

Jade was a little sick this weekend too. She keeps saying she is "doozy" which I assume is dizzy. And she had a headache so bad that it made her throw-up. Thankfully it went away now.

The class at the shelter didn't go as planned. The Sister that volunteers there is also a dr in a nearby town. She had a medical emergency and there wasn't anyone there to open the door for us. The women at the shelter aren't allowed to open the door or answer the phone. No biggie - we rescheduled for two weeks.

Here is a lo I did tonight. Since I'm stuck at home for two days I figured I'd have some pure - only for fun - scrapping. How uber-cute is this owl? Totally inspired me!

out for now