jane fonda

Anyone else totally love this Mickey Avalon song? LOVE IT! I've been totally obsessed with un-ordinary music lately. Another artist I totally am loving is Sandi Thom. Awesome awesome music. And for you scrappers and artists that are reading this, check out her site. The very front page just inspires me beyond belief. It makes me just super want to create. Check them out :)

Tonight is also a class at the lss. This will be my second time teaching, hopefully all goes well. It should be such a fun class. I just love all the girls down there, so super sweet. We always have so much fun and laugh A LOT!

Friday night is the class at the shelter again. I'm excited for this one too! I love seeing the faces of those women as we laugh and scrap together. At the last class we had the one woman told me how she had been looking forward to it all day and that it was very uplifting. That made me smile :)

Soooo everyone, I want to hear what your listening to today. What is YOUR current music obsession. Do they inspire you? Do they make you want to shake your ass? Fill me in....I want to know.

Out for now