that's what i like about sundays...

Such a relaxing, productive weekend. Although I'm not 100% done with my projects I sure am closer then when I started. I'm actually not even halfway there, lol, but I'll get them done this week.

We had "family art time" last night. We all painted...Joe and I on canvas and the kids on paper. This is actually my FIRST EVAH canvas painting and I loved it. I might be hooked. It might not be perfect but I totally ::heart:: it.

And today I decided to color my hair, which for me is usually not a good decision. Why is it all my hair decisions normally end in trauma? Actually I can't say that this time is trauma but it certainly isn't what I envisioned. I bought dark brown....the picture on the box sure did look like my roots. BUT of course when I got done coloring was almost black. It doesn't look bad and it will fade some with washing. At least it isn't pink (hair trauma from 3 years ago). I took a pic to post but it is a BAD pic of me. No desire to blog it.

Out for now