It's almost the weekend which means.....it's almost time for my WEEKEND CROP! Yes (napoleon voice). From Friday at noon till Saturday evening...all cropping...no kids...no husband...just adhesive and scissors. LOVE IT! AND I will be meeting two awesome online girls that I've not met yet. Michelle and Cathy are such sweeties, can't wait to meet them. Of course there will be pics to share after our weekend. So excited, super excited.

Nothing else real exciting, dentist tomorrow morning which doesn't excite me AT ALL. Hopefully there will be no cavities. And if there are, rest assured I will be having the gas please. And it's not even that I really "need" the gas....I just kinda like it. I always say "oh gosh, my nerves are so bad I dont know if I can do it without gas"...lol...and they give it to me. I figure I dont do drugs, I dont drink...but nothing wrong with taking a little fun gas once a year.

Welp everyone, off to start packing up my weekend lovelies

out for now