well this made me laugh....what i would look like as a south park character. i dont watch the show....kids arn't allowed to watch it....but it sure did make me laugh. i super like that my head is bigger than my body, love that.

nothing too exciting to talk about today. a full night of cooking/cleaning planned. which the thought of it makes me tired. i have to finish joeys room and move into the spare room. it's beautiful here so the kids can play outside tonight.

speaking of the kids playing outside, let me tell you about "the ditch". four years ago my dad (who we live right beside) bought a backhoe. yes, it is his big toy. so about three years ago he decided our yard didn't quite drain right sooooooo he dug this big ass ditch through our yard.....and it's still there. my kids love to play in the ditch and have frequented that spot for the last 3 summers. at one point my dad tilled up some of it for them so that the dirt would be real fine, almost like sand. let me tell you, that dirt can go through 3 layers of clothes. by the time they come in they are so filthy it's just unreal. and usually jade has her whole face filthy (i think she eats the dirt some). she also normally has a water mark of some type on the dirt so it's one clean spot with what looks like mud running down her face. oh the joys of the ditch. i'm also pretty sure it will never be filled in anytime soon.

well back to work
out for now