help a girl out :)

ok so........i want a new camera and i want someone rockin' to take some pics of my i would so love for nisa or moon to take our pics. i want pics that reflect us, our family, our day to day and i want them to rock my socks off when i see them. i dont want this "studio" setting and the "put your hand here and turn your head" crap....i want them to capture us REAL. trouble is none of these fab girlies live anywhere near me :( and the only ones i can find are studioish type places. i want to haul a big lounge chair out in my backyard and take my shoes off and let the kids run around and just take pics of that. maybe i'm out of my mind....maybe this is the price i pay for living in central pa....but help a girl out....if you know of anyone in my area give me a shout and hook me up.

also i want a new camera...yes i know i just got one last august but i want another one. i dont want a point and shoot anymore, i want to move on up to slr. soooooo what i'm looking at is a canon 30d and i would surely appreciate a good price on it, ya know. cause i'm gonna get all sorts of crap from my mama for putting so much $$$ into a camera. i will be selling my powershot s2 to get my new camera. my powershot has been such a great camera and i totally do love it, and i will be a little sad to see it go. i paid close to $500 for it not even a year ago plus i will be throwing in the $140 of accessories i've bought for it. i'm so impatient, i would really just like my new camera pretty much right now. i would really like a little elf to walk in here right now, sit it on my desk and tell me it's my present for being such a good girl. and if that happens i will be sure and tell ya'all first.

thanks for listening to me slightly whine and i'm off to elf watch now
out for now