my butt kicking >>>>>>>>>

Let me take you back to the day that changed me. In Feb '06 my Grandma was a patient in the hospital and I was staying overnight with her. She had a nice little room mate who we will call "Edna". Edna was 91 years old and she was so sweet and soft-spoken. On this evening Edna started getting a "new" IV antibiotic which made her start acting a little wonky. I should have wondered when Edna asked me if the yellow things on the floor were off the trees but...I let it go. I mean, if your 91 and you want to say a few CRAZY things I think you are so entitled to. Grandma fell asleep around 10 and I was sitting in the chair by the bed. Edna woke up and started crying so I went to help her. She didn't know where she was or why she was there. She was so scared and asked for a drink of water. I walked around the bottom of the bed and poured her some water. When I went to hand it to her she screamed "get the "EFF" out of my house" and punched me in the face. She chased me while yelling for the police, saying I was stealing her jewelry and money. Some where along the way she picked up her bed pan and hit me in the head with it. Now during the day Edna couldn't hardly walk and used a walker. She didn't need her walker then, geesh, she chased me like she was 20. The nurses came and got Edna, she kept telling about the bitch in her house stealing her jewelry and money...sigh...and I stood in the hall like a freak and cried. I bet the nurses laughed their butts off when they were out of my sight. And yes, sadly everyone, that was the night a 91 year old woman kicked my butt.

**no, the woman pictures in the above layout is NOT is some other random elderly woman who was arrested for calling 911 too many times and attacking the police**