~my humps~my humps~

Happy hump day ya'all! Sooooo glad it's Wednesday, they make me happy for some reason. They mean only TWO more full days of work and then it's the weekend. They mean the kids have "Jesus" tonight and I will get 1 hour to do what EVAH I want. They mean that I get to see who goes home on American Idol (hoping Sanjaya goes).

I ordered a little slice of happiness from Elsies Etsy shop today. Here is what I ordered except I got it in red. I'm planning on redoing my scraproom soon and really want RED to be on of my main colors. And what is more inspiring than a print by Miss Elsie herself??? And those of you that know me well know that it will be framed and on the wall the SAME day I get it. And no, none of ya'all are allowed to touch it or drool on it - for reals.

Such an awesome forecast today - SNOW! And little Mr. Joey was SO MAD that Mama would not let him wear flip flops and shorts today. It even initiated a big stomping fit up the steps. These kids are so ready for spring, will it ever get here?

Out for now