so i lied......

and i just CANT stay away from here! life is better....things are getting there....and I promise not to be a drag :)

i bought this movie last weekend and just so loved it, such a good movie. i've always been a dixie chicks lover and supporter, even when it was SUCH a bad thing to like them. they are real and they say things others are thinking but are too afraid to say. so much awesome footage in this movie...and some disturbing footage. everyone burning the dixie chicks cd's....a mom telling her little child to say the dixie chicks suck....people just hammering them. through it all they staid strong and united. i just love natalie...her voice, her look and her attitude. i added their 'not ready to make nice' video to my blog. love love love that song. i just totally them

in AI news thank gosh Sanjaya went home last night. i think he is cute as a button but he just doens't have the talent to stay there or win. now it's time to get right down to it, all the talent that is left is rockin'.

i have some exciting scrappy news but i can't share yet :)

out for now