Snow.....in April.....the Friday before Easter.....is it REALLY necessary? I dont think so. How can it be 80 last week and now it's 24 out. It's really wearing on my mood and my kids mood. Jade is just plain pissed and I dont blame her.

Booooo Hissssss I am just plain SAD that my girl Gina went home this week. What in the world is America thinking? Dont get me wrong, I love Sanjaya. He has a great voice and is cute as shit BUT is he a better singer/artist than Gina? No freakin way, she would blow him out of the water. So with that being said, why do I think she went home this week instead of him. Well I think he has the teenage girls vote, I mean he is a cutie. And Gina, she's a rocker...she had tattoo's, her tongue pierced and really rad hair. {i have to add here, i laughed my butt off when they referred to her as "gina glocksen, you know, the idol with her tongue peirced"..like it is SUCH a big deal} It really shocked me and made me sad when they said her name. I cried with her and for her. And when she sang at the end, gosh, broke my heart. American needs to remember this is a SINGING competition...not a who has the nicest ass competition. Since my girl is gone I am hoping that one of these three girls win; Jordan, Melinda or LaKisha. I actually look for those girls for the the top 3, battle of the divas. That is if America pulls their head out of their ass long enough to cast a REAL vote.

I am just totally excited for July. Not only do we get a NEW Harry Potter movie but we also get a book....I just ♥ HP and SO wish I could live there!

Big weekend coming up...Papa coming down for the weekend...a shoping trip to Altoona...get my nails done...maybe a little scrappy scrappy time...Easter dinner...kids spring break...and SNOW!

Out for now beyatches