weekend of happies

We had such a great weekend at our house. Friday night Joe and I went to Altoona and did some shopping. I got two new pair of shoes and a new purse. I was REALLY in desperate need of shoes. In the last two weeks I've broken two pair of shoes, the sole feel off of one and my sneakers stink bad. So yes, it was time to purchase some new ones. Here are the two pair I got, how super cute are they!! Love the pink skull ones.
When I showed Joey my pink skull ones he said he didn't like them. I figured he would just LOVE them. But he told me "you know, your not 16". So I guess when Mamas wear stuff that in turn makes it UNCOOL.
And look at this yummy little reverseable purse, yes I bought it too. I didn't really NEED a purse but....anyday is a good day to buy a new purse right?!?! The inside has some super cool big polka dots. I have the polka dots on the outside and this on the inside. So love this.
The kids had a great Easter and loved what they got. And of course they had a SUPER good time with Papa Alan. He took them to the movies and out to dinner Friday night..they saw the new TMNT movie. Then Saturday we kinda hung around the house and watched movies and they all did a super lot of playing gamecube and barbies. And yesterday he left right after lunch.
Last night we ran to get gas at a local convenience store. Jade was talking up a storm to the lady working behind the counter (she LOVES to talk) and the lady was asking her about Easter. Jade told her she got a lot of candy and said i was almost kid drunk from eatting so much candy. Oh my gosh, I cracked up! At least she said it there and not at church.
out for now