what Amy needs {according to google}

This is fun, go to google and type in your name then "needs" after it.

Amy needs some help drinking what exactly are we drinking?
Amy needs a break totally agree with that one
Amy needs help with Double Periods/Irregular Menstration Joe would say I need help with PMS
Amy needs rehab ooohhh..rehab..a 10 step program for my scrapaholic ways
Amy needs a rest Yes I do, anyone want to cook dinner tonight?
Amy needs to learn responsibility ha, yeah I sure do ??
Amy needs a list of choir members I didn't realize I needed this one but sure, get them to me ASAP
Amy needs to describe her ideas and research plan concisely and clearly wow that almost makes me sound important
Amy needs financial assistance oh yes, I accept visa and mastercard, no pesonal checks please
Amy needs a trip to wherever it was they sent Martha Stewart now this one Amy DOESNT need