I am SUCH a nerd when it comes to crying (Joe would agree). I cry at the smallest and stupidest things....although I try to portray this huge TOUGH imagine. I cried when I watched the Hallmark commercial of the little elderly lady living alone and the neighbors sending her a card...yep, I cried. I felt so bad for the elderly lady not having anyone. I cry when other people tell me sad stories that I know NOTHING about. I cry when other people cry. Mostly my crying is just silly stuff but today something very touching made me cry. I was reading Jody Feerlaks blog and she had a link for this family. So I got to that blog, already knowing that Jody said they were going through a rough time with the loss of their daughter. I already know I'm going to cry but I go there anyways. And I sit at my work...reading the blog...reading the tragic story and I bawl my eyes out. Then I think "why do I do this to myself while I'm at work?". So then people walk past my desk, see me crying and ask me what is wrong. I had the same problem when I read Jodys story weeks back and now today that I have read Sheyes story...I am too upset to answer them. If I utter one word about the story, just one word, I am going to burst out into full sobbing.

So what was the point of me making this post you ask? We all need to count our blessings, seriouly. I am reminded more and more every day of how lucky I am. How I just got mad two days ago at Joe for backing my Tahoe into a tree BUT gosh, my children are healthy. So many times I take the day to day for granted, take my loved ones for granted. In the big picture we are very blessed and I want to remember that more in my daily life. So I challenged myself to list 10 things that I am blessed with and remember them through this whole day. Everytime I get angry about something small or feel down because of bills I am going to remind myself of this list of 10.

  1. a roof over our heads
  2. healthy, amazing children that fill me with joy everyday
  3. a wonderful husband - even though I could choke the crap out of him sometimes
  4. parents that were willing to take a chance 31 years ago and adopt a baby girl and give her the best life possible
  5. two paid off vehicles
  6. we NEVER lack for food, obviouly ha ha
  7. a job with great pay and good benefits
  8. Joe going back to work, and finding work so easily, after being off for 5 years with a injury
  9. a close-knit family that always makes me feel so included, even though I am the only one not "blood related" they never made me feel that way
  10. the ability after 20 years to find both my birthparents and have a relationship with them

Out for now