are those pics i promised...had such fun last night just going around to different cool locations and taking pics.
love this pic of me sitting on a dirt road and love the angle of it. you should have seen me setting my timer, running and trying to sit down indian style fast...normally my body doesn't do fast lol. and i'm pretty sure you can see my butt crack sticking out in this one. see, you get cutler crack even if your just married into the family.
this pic just reminds me of some of my fav things in life...being barefoot and dirt roads...sounds like a layout waiting to happen doesn't it?

ahhhh this mom and my grandma holding hands. this picture means the world to me and just warms my heart. can't wait to scrap this one, this might call for a mini album

how much does this puppy just make you smile? this is my cousins dog, her name is lilly. i saw her perched down in the grass and knew i had to get the shot. she had one ear flipped back and the lighting was just perfect on her face. and this makes me smile.

these are my kids...well, they were "my kids" before i had kids. it's my cousins (ryan and sis) and we have lived beside each other all our lives. ryan is a senior this year and tonight was his prom. last night he put his tux on for me to get some shots. sooooo totally sad that this boy is leaving me soon to go to college. and yes, i've spent some time crying over it.

i went to the prom tonight and took some more pics. i saw the coolest thing there, one boy took his date to the prom on his john deere!!! yes, i got a pic of it. but i dont have it uploaded yet. the boy even had a cute little cowboy hat on.....awwww, how sweet. that's how we do it it up redneck style.

out for now