hey hey

The pond is done, YES!!! Here is a pic:

It is about 5 foot longer and the one end (opposite the waterfall) is about 3.5 - 4 foot deep. LOTS of work, sore muscles I didn't know I even had. I still have a ton of landscaping to do but at least the bulk of it is done. We also got some new fishies, I couldn't get a real good pic of them. Turns out when you bring them home in a big cooler with the water splashing all around, they get kinda scared.

Here is a story you might enjoy....so Jade is this little animal activist in the making...totally LOVES animals and plans on being a vet when she grows up (along with making people stop shooting elephants just to get their tusks). Last weekend her and Joey were watching TV and this commercial came on for some animal shelter...you could donate to it and get a t-shirt and bracelet. Jade could actually care less about the shirt and bracelet, she just wants to save one animal. Of course they showed pictures on it of like the worst case scenario, animals near death...made her cry poor thing. So anyways, I just called her in here so we could call and make our donation (yes...I gave in...how do you tell a little girl she can't save a dying animal lol) and I had it on speaker phone and had the whole family around me. Ok well Jade wrote the number down wrong..I mean TOTALLY WRONG...yes, it was a phone sex line. OH MY GOSH talk about die...and do you think I could find that stupid off button for the phone? Jade was like "why did that girl say yeah baby, do you wanna have some fun". I'm dying, Joe is laughing...I'm yelling at Joey telling him he gave her the WRONG number. Quite a site we were, I'm sure.

Happy NSD everyone!!!

out for now