*NO* canoodling

ok so i love the word canoodling...it makes me break out into hysterical laughter. i read this article and it had canoodling in it. and that article has sparked this post. below you see a pic of me and my work spouse chris. i have been trying to explain to joe for years that chris is my work spouse with no canoodling involved. we support each other, we tell each other everything and we just get each other but thats all it is. if i'm mad at joe and i discuss it with him he gives me advice (which is usually "joe didn't mean it, dont be mad at him").

also chris has the most awesome sense of humor ever. we totally get each other and spend most everyday laughing until i think i will pee my pants (or spit pop all over my keyboard...which i've done before). we love to read post secrets first thing monday morning and pick out which one is our fav.

i'm super stoked to meet chris's girlfriend amanda in june. she is sooooooo good for him and i love that he is happy. it's nice to see him smile everyday.
out for now