it's been a few days since i posted..i'm trying so hard not to be a bad blogger. i have lots to post today though :)

first of all, this is the yummy july kit from one page at a time {opaat}. such awesome elsie goodies in there. and ya'all know what an elsie stalker i am (or so joe says). here is some of the work i did with it ~
i have also decided i was totally sick to death of my perm and i straightened my hair and got it cut. i wanted some layers in it..totally took a pic with me to the salon..totally did not get what i wanted. but oh well, i can deal with it. but hello, can you puh-lease listen to me when i tell you what i want? turns out it really is my hair and since i have to wear it on my head everyday i figure i should have some type of say about it.

i also am totally stoked to go meet my critique group girls in august. we are planning a trip to lauries house in maryland. oh heck yes....road trip! i'm going with michelle, cathy and shelley. from what i've heard road trips with those girls are a hoot. i just can't wait!!! we are going the third week in august so i have quite a while yet before my trip. i dont know if i can make it that long!

also i have some potd to share ~

6-15....not sure about my new hair

6-17....sexy eyes

yeah, i know i missed a few days. i have them at home to upload and just haven't done it yet. i really need to get at with that before i'm really behind on it. perhaps i will get a chance to do that tonight.

out for now