happy times

i have a bit of the happies today! somerset memories requested one of my layouts...woo hoo! i am totally loving them can't wait to see more of my work actually in a book, it totally makes me smile.

also, today i found out i made it into the SWG house at scrapping with grace. so totally excited to start this contest! i'm a few days late on finding out so now i have 3 days to get my first entry done. very cool challenge this week, ya'all will have to check it out! when i upload my lo to the gallery i'll post a link here so ya'all can take a peek at it.
so excited for tonights meeting with the pixel chicks (local photography group). can't wait to take pics and see how awesome they turn out!!! i'm sure i will be uploading some of them here tomorrow so stay tuned!
out for now