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i am just soooo loving my journey through the self-pic a day challenge. i have never been in front of the camera as much as i have this last week and i do have to say i'm lovin' it. i am just so use to always being the one behind the camera. i sure will have some rockin' shots by the time this month is over.
pic of the day for 6/6/07...my computer at home totally would not upload it. nothing says home to me more than a dirt road. i used my moms kitchen chair {which she totally did not understand}. love how it turned out.
my pic for today 6/7/07. i love jeans and it's what you will find me in most of the time. these are my fav jeans, love them.

i have also found a rockin' site that is a self portrait challenge. see the link in my side bar --------> it is such an inspiring site, really, with wicked sweet pics by awesome photographers.

out for now

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