monday {happies}

morning all....i have tons of pics to share with ya'all today.

first we have my self portrait pic of the day for 6/8/07 (my anniversary) of course it had to be a pic of love...for all of ya'all from around here yes i'm sitting on the "closed for fair parade" signs...looooooooooooooooooove how this one turned out, for real
here is my self portrait of the day for yesterday 6/10/07...i call this one moms eye view...we spent the day at the dam, laying on the blanket watching the kids play in the water...not the best but i took it with my cell phone
here is another pic of love from our small photo shoot friday night...super love this one toodo these girls look like sisters or what...jade and amazes me how much they look alike in this pic, they even seem to have the same amazing blue these girls so much, love to watch them play and listen to them the way, this was called "day of friendship" by jade...
out for now

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