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yes, today is my friday! joe and i are taking tomorrow off...taking the kids out of daycare for the day...going to altoona shopping. the kids are sooooooo tired of daycare and i'm sooooooo tired of work. i need a day, we all do.

saturday is the family reunion, which is something we always look forward to. we'll get up early and i'll get my cooking done. we normally get there around 10 and the kids start playing. they play all day while we are there...usually worn out by the time we leave around 4. there is such good food there, can't wait!

saturday night steph (love ya girl) is going to watch my kids for us while we go to a retirement party. bec and i are soooooo looking forward to that. hopefully it's a good time and there isn't any whooo ha. i finally get to meet chris's girlfriend amanda, can't wait to meet her.

here are some of the pics we took tuesday night at our pixel chicks meeting ~

and i got my layout done for the contest at scrappin with grace. i finished it last night and uploaded it. here is the link

out for now