hello all my lovelies...

this week has held quite a lot for me. i'm still fighting with this stuipd sinus infection/bronchitis. this might be too much information but let me tell you...i am sooooo tired of coughing peeing my pants. for real..i'm over it.

also this week my baby boy..my little pookie pie..he turned 10 yesterday. that made me so sad. it feel like just yesterday i was laying in the hospital bed nursing him. how does the time go so fast? he is having two friends stay over tonight and tomorrow we are taking all the kids to the mall to shop. jade would puh-lease not like to walk around with all the stupid boys (that made me laugh). so i have quite a big weekend ahead of me.

also, today if the first day on my journey to take one self portrait a day. i am doing this challenge for the entire month of june. so far i'm loving it. i love how it makes me stretch and think outside the box. this is my first pic and i love it!

i'm also starting the "scrapbooking the secret" today. what an awesome journey this sounds like...there will be lots of room for growth during this. and it came at such an awesome time in my life. everything really does happen for a reason, i am convinced more and more of that everyday.

out for now