well hello there...

sooo i've been gone for a while, just kinda busy with other things. i thought i would take time today to catch ya'all up on some things...

first of all...this is the pic for 6/4/07
and the pic for 6/5/07...yes i know it's kinda, um, exposing but it's my tattoo and to tell ya the truth i've never saw my back look so damn good before.
what else has been going on...well last weekend joey had two friends stay over for his birthday. let me just say that i have never heard the word "dude" used so much in my life. and i swore friday night if i heard it one more time i would sooooo vomit.
saturday we took joey and his friend to the mall so he could spend his money. what a trip, geesh...while we were there we got a call that joe's mom had fallen backwards down her basement steps. his brother took her to the er. she had to get 5 staples in the back of her head and she is awful banged up. bless her heart....
and this friday i will have been married for 11 years....11,000 years it feels like sometimes (just kiddin' hun). i doubt we will do much celebrating, i'm pretty sure i'm going to be worn out from this week.
the kids start daycare at the YMCA tomorrow. they are soooooo not excited about it, not at all. jade said she doesn't think it's necessary. and i say she better love it up for how much i will be paying for it. well we will see how it goes...wish us luck.
out for now

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