mondays winner with q & a

awwwww......chris drew the name for me.......isn't he sweet........congrats girlie!!!
Cathy asked “where do you get your inspiration from??? You have such an unique
style, where do all those beautiful layouts come from?”

wow, great question! i draw inspiration from lots of things around me....magazines, websites, songs and pictures. there really are some rockin' clothing websites out there that really have amazing designs on them. and music artists have great sites too. i did a complete layout with inspiration drawn from this site. i've also heard a random song on the radio and just started planning the layout in my head. music is such a big part of my families life that i guess it's normal that it would give me inspiration.

i also got some great advice from a friend one time...she told me to just be me, let my layouts reflect who i am..not the latest trend , not what ck wants to see..but in the end be able to look at my layouts and see myself in was awesome advice i've followed ever since then.

Michelle asked “What's one of your FAV memories of your childhood, i know you
probably have tons...but pick one!!”

oh another great question...but this is a hard one girl, lol. i loved staying with my grandma and grandpa in the summer. they lived in town and it seemed soooo cool to me since we lived in the country. we only had 2 channels at home and they had cable so it was like entering another world to me, lol. we always had so much fun and i was so totally spoiled. i can remember my grandpa sitting me on his lap while he drove and singing me "froggy went a courtin" and i would just love it and sing along.

Ana asked “If you could have a superhero power what would it be, and why?”

hmmm, i would have to say reading minds....if you played it right no one would ever could go to vegas and be would always know what for birthdays and christmas...although some people might have thoughts that you SO do NOT want to know that would totally creep you out, lol