photo shoot

so today i called off and did a fun photo shoot with my kids...even though it was blazing hot out. we had a great time and laughed a lot!!! the only disturbing thing was when we were starting to walk down this dirt road (new to us) and go towards the river i saw this "bag" in the weeds...a big black bag...and i thought "oh my gosh, thats a body bag, please God dont let me find a body" was indeed a body bag but said fear factor on it...shew, close one there...and who knew fear factor sold body anyways, here are some pics from todays shoot
joey rawked the this pic of him
wow, she is just sooo stunning...someday she will break hearts
he feels the hair really helped "boost" his reputation...i sooo cracked up at that
she sang us some awesome songs and kept us entertained...even sang some regina spektor :)