here are my potd for saturday and sunday

so friday we spent all day in altoona shopping...it was awesome until i couldn't find an outfit for saturday night. not because they didn't fit..just the selection simply wasn't there. once i calmed down and my fit was done i did find something. i'm such a total bitch sometimes when clothes shopping, ugh. but we did find tons of clothes for miss jades birthday this sunday. nanny wanted us to do the shopping for her and we sure did. jade even tried them all on without much fuss (although there was a lot of mirror looking while we were in there...making kissie faces...dancing and watching ourselves).

saturday was the reunion which is always totally fun! i love seeing everyone and catching up on the last year in everyones life. i finally got everyone to cooperate and get together for a family pic. the food was great, as always. saturday night we went to a retirement party and had a BLAST!

i'm working on my layout for this weeks challenge at swg...should have it done tonight. once i upload it i will link it here.

out for now